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School on the Green Board of Directors

Since 1972, School on the Green has been managed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of parents of enrolled students as well as a percentage of non-parents. The Board works together to ensure that the school remains compliant with State regulations and school policies, as well as performs functions that significantly enhance the services provided to students and parents.

Each April, the Governance committee will nominate candidates for the upcoming Board of Directors. Parents and other members of the community are encouraged to join the board for the upcoming school year. The final vote takes place at the annual Board of Directors meeting in May. It is not a requirement, nor is it necessary, to have held a previous board seat in order to be considered for any position on the board.  The monthly responsibilities for each position are clearly defined in a written manual, and retired board members are available for questions.  Anyone interested in becoming a board member should contact the school.

Executive Board

Sheri Cheverie, Co-President:  Sheri is a 3rd year parent, second year as Co-President.  She has one child in her first year, and one recent SOTG graduate.  Sheri also serves on the Fund Development Committee.  Why did you choose SOTG? “We initially chose SOTG because we loved the idea of a parent cooperative! I wanted to be as involved as I could in my children’s preschool experience.  When we met Mrs. H and Mrs G they sealed the deal!”

Courtney Shepard, Co-President:  Courtney is a first year SOTG mom of 2, JT and Blake.   This is second year on the board as Co-President.  Courtney is also the Events Chair and on the School Readiness/Curriculum Oversight, and Fund Development Committees. Why did you choose SOTG? “We chose SOTG because we appreciate the child centric cooperation between the teachers and parents. Also because Mrs. H and Mrs. G are focused on educating their students with love and warmth. Which makes a child’s first school experience one that encourages a lifelong love of learning.”

Amy Laskowitz, Treasurer: Amy is a mother of two boys, Lucas and Marcus.  This is her second year at SOTG as our board as the school’s Treasurer.  Why did you choose SOTG? “I chose the school for it’s warm family atmosphere, nurturing staff, and community focus.”

Ashli Langill, Secretary: Ashli is a third year SOTG parent with her son Brycen a recent SOTG grad; her daughter Bria is in her first year and Alaina will be attending SOTG in the future.  This is her second year on the board, and first year as Secretary.  She serves on the School Readiness/Curriculum Oversight Committee, as well as the Fund Development Committee. Why did you choose SOTG? “I chose SOTG because I fell in love with the idea of the parent-cooperative relationship-It takes a village!”

Board Members

Amanda Golovin:  Amanda has been with SOTG for 5 years; this is her 4th year on the Board of Directors.  Her two older two boys, Elian and Lorenzo, are SOTG graduates.  Her son Marco is attending this year, and baby Felix after that.   She serves on the the Events Committee and the Governance Committee.  Why did you chose SOTG? “There are so many things that I love about SOTG.  The mixed age classroom really appealed to us, as did the warm and loving environment.  From the very beginning, we knew that SOTG was the perfect place for our children to learn to love school.”

Carole Lunt:  Carole has been on the Board of Directors for the past 7 years, and currently serves on the Governance Committee.  2 of her children are alumni, and 1 will be attending this year.  Why did you choose SOTG?  “I believe in the importance of play for young children as the primary means of learning. SOTG and its teachers provides this in the most loving atmosphere you could hope for your children, as well as an opportunity to be involved as a parent in their education.”

Hillary Marcinko: Hillary first became involved in SOTG when her son attended three years ago. Now her youngest child is in her second year, and she couldn’t be more excited! Hillary will be the SOTG Parent Liaison, available to hear parent’s concerns to be brought to the board.  She brings a background in language development as a certified speech-language pathologist to the Curriculum Oversight Committee, and is the Marketing & Communications Chair.  Why did you choose SOTG?  The parent co-op model and excellent teachers who truly LOVE their students are the reasons we come back to SOTG!”

Caterina Perugini: Caterina is 3rd year SOTG parent, and mom of 2.  Her son graduated from SOTG two years ago and her daughter will be starting in the fall.  Caterina is serving her third year on the Fund Development Committee as Fundraising Chair.  Why did you choose SOTG?  “Choosing SOTG was really simple for us. We want to be involved in our children’s education and so a parent cooperative preschool really appealed to us. We were also looking to start school at an odd time of the year and the Director and teachers made us feel so welcome. We just knew it was the right choice and our children now love SOTG as much as we do.”