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School on the Green Board of Directors

Since 1972, School on the Green has been managed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of parents of enrolled students as well as a percentage of non-parents. The board works together to ensure that the school remains compliant with state regulations and school policies, as well as performs functions that significantly enhance the services provided to students and parents.

Each April, the Governance committee will nominate candidates for the upcoming Board of Directors. Parents and other members of the community are encouraged to join the board for the upcoming school year. The final vote takes place at the annual Board of Directors meeting in May. It is not a requirement, nor is it necessary, to have held a previous board seat in order to be considered for any position on the board.  The monthly responsibilities for each position are clearly defined in a written manual, and retired board members are available for questions.  Anyone interested in becoming a board member should contact the school.

Executive Board

Fiona Bohane, Co-President:  Fiona is in her second year as a SOTG parent and board member.  Fiona is Co-president and also serves on the fundraising committee.  Why did you choose SOTG?  My husband and I chose SOTG because we loved that we could be active participants in our daughters first experience with formal education. The teachers are wonderful, and they’ve created in the classroom a warm, creative and nurturing environment where our daughter has grown and learned more than we could have hoped for.

Erika Perrin, Co-President: 

Amy Laskowitz, Treasurer: Amy is a mother of three children. She has two boys, Lucas and Marcus, and a girl, Maya.  This is her fourth year on SOTG‘s board. She serves on the Governance Committee and is the school’s Treasurer.  Why did you choose SOTG? “I chose the school for it’s warm family atmosphere, nurturing staff, and community focus.  This is a school where children and their caregivers can participate in the educational process, connect with other families and celebrate life through the eyes of a child. ”

Tara Doherty, Education Manager:  Tara is in her 3rd year as a SOTG parent and board member. Her daughter, CharleeMae attended for the past 2 years and now her son, Johny, is enrolled in the 3-day program! Tara holds her Masters Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education and is currently our Education Manager and also sits as the chair of our School Readiness Committee. Why did you choose SOTG:Being an educator myself, it was important to our family that we be as involved as we could in our children’s education – and a parent cooperative is just what we needed to start this journey. Well, that and the fact that I’m a 1988 SOTG Alumni!”

Board Members

Amanda Golovin:  Amanda has been with SOTG for 7 years; this is her 6th year on the Board of Directors.  Her three older boys, Elian, Lorenzo, and Marco are SOTG graduates.  Her son Felix is attending this year.  She serves on the the events and governance committees.  Why did you chose SOTG? “There are so many things that I love about SOTG.  The mixed age classroom really appealed to us, as did the warm and loving environment.  From the very beginning, we knew that SOTG was the perfect place for our children to learn to love school.”

Ann DeHippolytis:  Ann is serving her 3rd year on the board.  She is a mother three boys. Her oldest son Isaac is a SOTG graduate.  Alexander and Simon will be a future SOTG students.  Ann serves on the fundraising committee and helps manage the website, facebook, and Instragram.  Why did you choose SOTG?  My husband and I chose SOTG for many reasons.  We loved the play-based atmosphere that allows a child to explore and create.  The teachers are so warm, welcoming, and thoughtful.  They truly understand the needs of each individual child.  I love that I can be involved by volunteering in the classroom, chaperoning on field trips, being a mystery reader, making playdoh, and even serving on the board.”

Brian Bunnell:  Brian is in his first year as a SOTG parent, His daughter Grace is currently enrolled in the three day program and will be headed to Kindergarten next year.  Brian helps manages our website and is on the governance committee.  Why did you choose SOTG?  “My wife and I chose the school for the warm welcoming environment, Grace was welcomed in from the very first moment on our initial tour.  We liked the parental engagement that not only the classroom allows and encourages, but also that the co-op model affords.”

Tara Fischer, Fundraising Chair: This is Tara’s first year as a SOTG parent and board member. Her twins, Max and Nora, started their first year this past fall in the two day program. Tara serves as the fundraising chair for SOTG. Why did you choose SOTG? We immediately felt SOTG was the perfect fit for our family on our first visit because of the nurturing and welcoming feel we received from the teachers, students, and parents. We also love the ability to be involved with Max and Nora’s education by participating in classroom activities, field trips, and SOTG community events.

Alicia Brenes:  Alicia is a second year parent at SOTG.  She is currently a stay at home Mom but holds a law degree. I have three beautiful girls, Madison age 15, Kennedy age 4 and Reagan age 2.  My daughter Kennedy currently attends and my daughter Reagan will be attending next year. Why did you choose SOTG?  “I love so many things about this school. The compassion of the teachers and the director far exceeds my expectations. They truly go beyond to make sure every child is comfortable, well adjusted and where they should be academically. The curriculum is amazing and my daughter loves it. My main reason for choosing SOTG is because of the curriculum and the parent involvement. Not only has my daughter met some amazing friends and kids, but I also have gained some amazing friends through the parents and for this we are truly blessed.”

Stefanie Cardwell:  This is Stefanie’s first year on the Board where she participates on the Events
Committee and volunteers as a substitute teacher. She also likes going on field trips with the
class and engaging with the children at drop-off and pickup.
We (Stefanie and Matt) have been with School on the Green since 2015, starting with our daughter
Sofia. We loved it so much we jumped at the chance to send our youngest daughter Ava. Ava is in her
second year at SOTG and loves every minute of it.
Why we chose SOTG:There are many reasons why we chose SOTG for our daughters’
early education. We loved the Co-op experience giving us some input into the program. Also, the loving
atmosphere that the staff creates for the children always put our minds at ease knowing they will
receive attention and a great start to building educational and social skills. Finally, we love the new
location for the school; walking in every day to a bright and friendly environment is very important for little children.”

Whitney Galgano:

Rose Shea: This is Rose’s second year as a SOTG parent and first year as board member. Her daughter Lily attends the five day program. Rose serves on the Grant Committee for SOTG. Along with watching her kids, Rose is also an attorney at Blondin Law Office LLC in Torrington. Why did you choose SOTG?We chose SOTG for Lily because we loved the parent coop model and how kind the teachers are. Lily loves the friends she’s made at SOTG and going on all the field trips. Our family especially loves all the little crafts Lily comes home with and all the special ways the teachers involve the parents in school activities.”

Joseph Barney: