Enrollment Information

School on the Green recommends the following general guidelines when deciding to enroll a child in our preschool program. Children involved in our program are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of academic activities and meeting these criteria prior to enrollment will afford each child the best opportunity to explore and experience the curriculum.

  • Child follows 2 step directions (i.e. Please go to the circle and sit down);
  • Child uses crayons/markers (drawing on the paper not on the writing surface);
  • Child uses scissors (may not be able to cut along a line but can hold them);
  • Child uses words to express his/her needs.
  • Child engages in self-help skills such as toileting, handwashing, and dressing themselves;
  • Child is potty trained or in the process of training. Please inquire about our full policy on this issue if you have any questions.