Fundraising is a necessary piece of running a non-profit school.  At SOTG, we host fundraisers in our community and also apply for grants to support our goals and mission.

Profits from fundraisers may be allocated for specific items, or be added to our bottom line for operating costs.  If you have ideas on where funds should be spent, or would like to raise funds for a specific goal, please share with  Feeling generous?  We accept donations of any amount, at any time: in person, by mail, or here, on our donation page.  Remember, SOTG is a non-profit institution and donations may be TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Email with any questions or if you’d like to join the fundraising committee.

Current fundraisers:

October 2017 Holiday Combo:  Beautiful holiday wreaths, planters, and greens for decoration; Yankee Candle; and Thirty One Gifts.